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  • Why do I need to Install Security Cameras?.
    Because it allows you to have a constant monitoring of your Home and Business even if you are not in it. To see what happens inside or outside, from Anywhere in the world, through your Cellphone or Tablet.
  • What is the difference between DVR and NVR?
    Digital Video Recorder (DVR) are Analog while Network Video Recorder are Digital. For the most part, DVR and NVR provide you with the same functions, such as recordings, motion detection, data storage and remote connectivity. But there are fundamental differences as well, for instance, the way that security cameras are connected and how the recorder receive incoming video. DVR's by example, receive footage from analog security cameras over RG59 siamesse BNC cables, then the DVR encodes the footage and stores it to the hard drive. NVR's on the other hand, receive footage that is already encoded and compressed.
  • It is any cost to record on my Security Cameras?
    No Monthly Fees. Local recordings protects privacy and saves money.
  • Can I connect my DVR or NVR to my TV?
    Yes, DVR / NVR can be connected to your tv or monitor using VGA cables / HDMI cables. Also you can have more than 1 tv connected on your DVR or NVR. (splitter / adapter required).
  • How many Security Cameras can I install to my DVR or NVR?
    The number of security cameras you can connect to your DVR or NVR depends of the number of channels availables on your DVR or NVR. DVR / NVR models typically come in 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,128 channels. Hybrids DVR's can accept a few IP Security Cameras.
  • Are security Cameras weatherproof?
    Yes, Our Outdoor Security cameras are weatherproof.
  • I need to have Internet to install Security Cameras?
    No, all Our Installations are CCTV and they go to a Digital Video Recorder. This DVR or NVR has a Hard Drive Disk where the video/image are stored.
  • Can I watch my Security Cameras from Anywhere? (Cellphone, Ipad, Tablet, Computer).
    Yes but, Internet connection is required.
  • Do you install Residential or Commecial?
    At HG PRO SECURITY We do Residential and Commercial Installations.
  • How long does it take to an Installation?
    Each Installation is different and it will always depend on the distance of the cables between the camera and the DVR / NVR. Also depending on the number of the cameras in the installation and the structure of the property.
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